Éva Péter

Office assistant
MNKH Marosvásárhelyi regionális iroda

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday (14:00 - 17:30)
DescriptionMy name is Éva Péter, office assistant for MNKH Tg. Mures (Hungarian National Tradehouse-Tg. Mures Regional Office). I am used to collaborate with different persons in very diverse situations. I am able to collaborate and establish partnership with all members of a community where I work. I am able to make suggestions without criticizing or hurting someone's feelings. I also embrace other's opinions. At my workplace I wish to promote social values and to encourage creativity. I belive by participating in this event it would be a great opportunity for my professional growth and personal development.
Organization Type Companies
CityMarosvásárhely, Forradalom utca, 1 szám. Google map
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